AnalyzePrevent mistakesduring construction

Create a digital twin of your roof to optimize the placement of your solar panels. No more unforeseen obstacles, and calculate the impact of shadows during design phase.


CAD Modeling of Roofs reinvented

Using drone data allows you to model roofs in a completely new way

1 cm resolution

Really see the obstacles on the roof with high-resolution images.


All elements are modeled in the digital twin with a very high accuracy. This way it can be used as the starting point for high precision design.

Zero Hassle

Our experience with working with solar has thought us what file types and sizes to use, to that you can import them in your existing workflow.

All obstacles modeled

All relevant obstacles that have an impact on the positioning for solar panel design are modeled.

Universal Formats

Multiple file format outputs are possible to ensure you can integrate the deliverables easily.


Reduce dangerous situations by not climbing on the roof anymore.

CAD RoofModel obstacles in 3D

A rooftop is the ideal place to install solar panels to make your house or office building CO2 neutral. In the old days a surveyor had to climb the roof to measure the dimensions, and the exact location of the obstacles (chimneys, vents, HVAC installations, …). This could then result in a 2D plan of the roof, to be used as a basis for PV installation design.


At Inflights, we simply send a drone operator to the location, and we take accurate pictures of the roof in a specifically designed pattern. Our photogrammetric experts are then processing these pictures. The results of this process are an accurate point cloud and an accurate orthomosaic.


Based on this point cloud and orthomosaic our 3D designers will then create a CAD model. This CAD model is extremely detailed, and will be the basis for your PV design software.

The 3D CAD model allows you to design the layout of your panels, to maximize the amount of panels that will fit, considering the obstacles on the roof, and it will allow you to do a detailed shadow analysis to estimate the output of your design. All our models are compatible with all industry leading softwares, and can be delivered in .CAD, .obj .3ds or any other 3D format you require.

Compatible with the most used softwares in solar

Importing a CAD model that is not compatible can take hours to find out how to use it. Our processing team has tested a most of the software packages used to ensure you can import it in seconds.



A standardized set of products ready to integrate in your existing workflow.

CAD Roof

The linework of synthesizing the roof with its obstacles in 3D CAD Model.

Point Cloud

The area of interest is modeled by a cloud of points in space, each with its own color and coordinates.


The area is represented by a photorealistic map. This map is made out of rectified photos and synthesized into an accurate high resolution georeferenced image.

Textured Mesh

A mesh is the 3D shape of a model, approximated by triangles. The texture is a sheet based upon the pictures that acts like a skin lying on the surface of your model.

Visual Pictures

Pictures where each pixel contains the Red, Green and Blue (RGB) values. This is equivalent to a normal picture.

How it works

Our global pilot community and central team are ready to help you to obtain the drone data for your project

Standardized process

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