How Inflights supports Insaver with the installation of solar panels, an interview by EUKA

Inflights, along with one of our customers, Insaver – Luminus, got interviewed by EUKA, the Flemish Drone Federation. The accompanying video shows how we are able to use our drone pilot network and processing expertise to support Insaver with the installation of solar panels.

Topics that were covered:

  • Powerpack wanted to install 912 solar panels on their roof via Insaver.
  • How drones make the preparation phase of roof renovations or solar panel installations more efficient and safe.
  • How Insaver ordered and received 2D and 3D data via Inflights' web application.
  • How Inflights assigns a pilot from its global network and processes the drone data.
  • How Insaver can use the resulting data to draw their own models.
  • How it would have been much more challenging to model the roof without drones, because of all the details that were present on the roof.
  • How Inflights is able to deliver drone data globally.

We highly recommend reading the article and watching the video if you understand Dutch.

Read the full article on EUKA's website.

Inflights use case Insaver / Luminus bij Powerpack from EUKA Flanders Make on Vimeo.

Christos Mansinakis from Inflights

Christos Mansinakis