AnalyzeHigh ResolutionDrone image for Inspection

A perfectly scaled Orthomosaic Representation of your facade, ideal to inspect small details, or prepare a restoration project

FacadesPicture-Perfect Facade Reconstruction

Facade inspections need to be performed very often. Some areas are very difficult or impossible to reach with traditional means. With a drone we are able to reach everything, and we can provide an image that can be overlaid with a 2D engineering plan.


Instead of building a scaffolding, or having people descend along your facade hanging in a harness, we simply send a drone operator to the location. We then take accurate pictures of the facade in a specifically designed pattern. Our photogrammetric experts are then processing these pictures. The results of this process are an accurate point cloud and an accurate Orthomosaic.


Based on the point Cloud and the pictures, our Engineers will project your facade into the 2D plane. As such the facade is represented in a perfectly accurate scale.

The orthomosaic of the facade allows you to inspect all the details of the facade, and can be used in engineering plans, since all dimensions and scales are accurate up to 1cm. As such any inspection or restoration or architecture process can be easily performed.


Inspect your Facades in Style

Using the drone to reach every corner of your Facade

Milimiter resolution

Really see the obstacles on the facade with high-resolution images.


All elements are modeled in the digital twin with a very high accuracy. This way it can be used as the starting point for high precision design.

Complete image of your Facade

Our drone gives you the full area of the facade, without any details or corners missing.


No more scaffolding, no more climbing walls and putting people in danger

Perfectly Scaled

Our Orthomosaic can be imported in your CAD software, and will be perfectly scaled


Less than an hour to get in and be out again. Bye Bye Scaffolding


A standardized set of products ready to integrate in your existing workflow.

Ortho Facade

Your Facade perfectly detailed and scaled

Point Cloud

The area of interest is modeled by a cloud of points in space, each with its own color and coordinates.

How it works

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Standardized process

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