AnalyzeUnprecedented detail with drone topography

Create a digital twin of your terrain to optimize the placement of your solar panels. Get the full topo done in no time, and use our vectorised drawing to further develop your project. No more unforeseen obstacles, and calculate the impact of shadows during design phase.


CAD Modeling of Terrains reinvented

Using drone data allows you to do topographical survey terrains in a completely new way

3 cm resolution

Really see the obstacles on the terrain with high-resolution images.

Digital Terrain Model

Combined with advances machine learning algorithms, our engineers are able to separate the terrain from the vegetation to deliver a high-quality Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

Survey grade

Our survey engineers follow strict procedures to ensure the quality of our deliverables are survey grade.


All elements are modeled in the digital twin with a very high accuracy. This way it can be used as the starting point for high precision design.

All obstacles modeled

All relevant obstacles that have an impact on the positioning for solar panel design are modeled.

Universal Formats

Multiple file format outputs are possible to ensure you can integrate the deliverables easily.

CAD TerrainDrone Data Made Ready for Use

More and more empty terrains are being converted into solar farms. Typically terrains up to 100ha will need to be charted in order to prepare the drawings.

Mapping terrains is not what it used to be back in the days. A traditional surveyor would measure manually an enormous set of points, and that was it. This of course is very time consuming, and results in a very steep surveying cost for larger terrains. Furthermore the end product is very incomplete.

At Inflights, we have the experience to map the terrain with drones in such a way as to generate a tailor-made end product. We have worked with the engineering departments of solar panel installers to develop our Inflights standard of survey grade drone mappings.

We replicate this standard quality throughout all our drone flights across the globe, and deliver the same end product no matter where in the world the terrain is located. Our survey team is 100% based in Brussels to safeguard this consistent quality.

Most design software is not geared towards using drone data yet. Large point clouds become almost impossible to use or view. Another issue is the fact that sometimes vegetation or temporary objects need to be filtered out from the data to create an exact terrain model. Therefore we can transform this point cloud into a DTM and a DSM in a way that software never can do. We manually make sure that all important terrain features are represented as in reality.

Furthermore we will vectorise your point cloud, and deliver you a CAD file specifically designed to meet your needs.

Compatible with the most used softwares in solar

Importing a CAD model that is not compatible can take hours to find out how to use it. Our processing team has tested a most of the software packages used to ensure you can import it in seconds.



A standardized set of products ready to integrate in your existing workflow.

CAD Drawing

CAD model (DWG) containing Digital Terrain Model, Digital Surface Model and linework.

Digital Surface Model

The area of interest is approximated with 2D raster where each point stores the height of the highest point.

Digital Terrain Model

The area of interest is cleaned from vegetation and approximated by a set of triangles (TIN Surface).

Survey Report

A report about the survey done, to validate the accuracy of the survey.

Point Cloud

The area of interest is modeled by a cloud of points in space, each with its own color and coordinates.


The area is represented by a photorealistic map. This map is made out of rectified photos and synthesized into an accurate high resolution georeferenced image.

How it works

Our global pilot community and central team are ready to help you to obtain the drone data for your project

Standardized process

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