AnalyzeMeasure volumesaccurately and fast

Measure stockpiles and earth works using drone data. Always know your exact quantities.


Volume measurements reinvented

Using drone data allows you to measure stockpiles in a completely new way

Higher resolution

The stockpiles are modeled with centimeter resolution, allowing you to achieve a much higher accuracy than traditional methods

Survey grade

Our survey engineers follow strict procedures to ensure the quality of our deliverables are survey grade.

Zero Hassle

Our experience with working with solar has thought us what file types and sizes to use, to that you can import them in your existing workflow.


All elements are modeled in the digital twin with a very high accuracy. This way it can be used as the starting point for high precision design.

All obstacles modeled

All relevant obstacles that have an impact on the positioning for solar panel design are modeled.

Universal Formats

Multiple file format outputs are possible to ensure you can integrate the deliverables easily.

StockpilesAccurate Stock Inventory

We can take an inventory of your stockpiles at any given time. We will calculate the volumes, and you can compare the terrain with earlier states. We not only give you a volume report, but you also get a full overview of the site all achieved by our photogrammetric solution. You will finally get an accurate estimation of your stock, at unprecedented accuracy.


A standardized set of products ready to integrate in your existing workflow.


Report containing the volumes of stockpiles.


The area is represented by a photorealistic map. This map is made out of rectified photos and synthesized into an accurate high resolution georeferenced image.

How it works

Our global pilot community and central team are ready to help you to obtain the drone data for your project

Standardized process

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Our algorithms will generate the best price for you based on our pricing agreements with our pilot community.

Sit back and relax

We ensure that all legal requirements are met. We keep you updated of all the critical steps in the process, and inform you when the final deliverables are ready.

Download or View your results online

View your deliverables online, or use our ready-to-use files into your own softwares to start designing your site.

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