Solar design and simulation software

Which solar industry software do we support?

This is one of the most common questions we get from new clients. In order for our models to be useful, it's of course important that they can be used with your software. We ensure this in two ways:

  1. We export in the right file formats.
  2. We make sure the model or drawing is built in a compatible way.

Below are some of the applications that we support.

Virto Solar

The goal of Virto Solar (formerly VirtuoSolar) is to allow you to design solar PV plants on terrains and rooftops with maximum irradiance at any geographical location. They have add-ons for both AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

Helios 3D

Helios 3D brands itself as “the universal System Solution for Solar Plant Layout”. They’re used by many utility-scale solar installers and focus mainly on the design of ground-mounted solar plants. The application uses Autodesk Civil 3D as its CAD platform.


PV*SOL by Valentin Software is another popular application, which is used for the design of photovoltaic systems. You can design and visualize the PV system in 2D or 3D, if you have the premium version.


PVcase is an AutoCAD plugin that is developed by solar engineers and is mostly focused on helping you design large solar plants.


SunDAT is a software plugin developed at FTC Solar for the SketchUp 3D environment that enables automated design and optimization of photovoltaic systems.


Skelion is another Sketchup plugion that allows you to design solar thermal or solar photovoltaic installations starting from a 3D model.


PVComplete has built multiple tools, like PVSketch and PVCAD, to help you through the various stages of your solar projects.


PVsyst is probably one of the oldest and most used PV simulation applications. It’s well known among financiers and investors, and they’ll often require a report from PVsyst, because they trust the accuracy.

If you'd like to know whether we support an application you work with, shoot us an email at We are also happy to provide sample files that you can try out.

Maarten Claes from Inflights

Maarten Claes