Backbone to assign and process drone flights globally

Inflight Platform is built from the ground up to be the main tool to use when you need a drone across the globe, need help with processing or simply if you need it all.

Webviewer for all your 3D data

It is clear that drone 3D surveys are the future. It is also clear that viewing and sharing 3D data requires a wide set of software packages. Unless you use the Inflights Platform.

View results everywhere

Our webviewer is made to be compatible with all browser, so you are certain that you can view and use the results of a survey without the need of any software

Share your results

In a typical project, multiple parties will need access the drone survey. Up until now this meant that you often had to download the files an re-upload them. You can now share any flights with anyone

Upload your own data

While we are passionate about drone data, we also acknowledge other sources of data exist. You can upload them so you can compare them with the drone data

Your portal to data processing

Flying with a drone is a lot of fun, but it is the data processing and analytics part that allows you to send invoices. The processing expertise of the Inflights team has been captured in our Platform, allowing you to benefit from our knowledge.

Verify flight data

Right after the drone is landed it is time to go home. But not before you double-check the data to ensure the processing goes well. You have heard about the Garbage In - Garbage Out concept? Right. Lucky enough we fixed this. Checking your data now takes seconds instead of hours.

Process your own data set

You are passionate about drones, so you bought your own drone. Great! Who are we to judge? If you need help with processing, upload your data to our Platform and view the results shortly after. While you are sipping a coffeee or sleeping, our servers are working overtime.

Instant quotes

One of elements that makes Inflights unique, is that we try to avoid negotiating the prices for each flight. We put a lot of effort into making our web app able to calculate the cost based on the following elements.


Each project has a different amount of work needed, because it is dependent on the size of the area of interest and type of equipment that is needed for a certain product. Inflights has established pre-agreed pricing schemes with its pilots, which allows us to calculate quotes instantly.


It is not the same to fly a drone in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a city close to a busy airport. The Inflights Platform has a exhaustive database of the locations where a permit is needed, so the cost can be added instantly.


We don't just work with any pilot and yeah, we know were they live. Hence we can integrate the travel distance to the area of interest in the calculation.

Ultra transparent process

Coordinating drone flight operations at a global level is hard. We know it from experience. However, as a client, it is critical to understand the progress of a drone flight. We keep you informed every time we accomplish a critical step.

Flight scheduled

Once the quote is accepted the clock starts ticking. We have fully integrated with the pilot so that you are informed the moment he schedules the flight.

Drone landed

A large amount of moving elements happen behind the scenes to make the most important happen: a safe landing. Clap clap! We would not dare to not inform you about this moment of joy.

Insights completed

Once the data processing is completed you will be informed so that you can view and download your results.

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