AnalyzeInspect panels withthermal infrared data

Identify anomalies in your solar installations using aerial thermography.


Inspection of solar panels reinvented

Using thermal infrared drone data allows you to see what the naked eye does not see

Detect anomalies

Detect anomalies in your solar plants to improve production and pass insurance certification

Certified for insurance

Our reports can be used as a crucial element to validate the construction and obtain insurance for the solar plant.


Reduce dangerous situations by no longer having to climb on the roof.


All elements are modeled in the digital twin to a very high degree of accuracy. This way it can be used as the starting point for high precision design.

All obstacles modeled

All relevant obstacles that have an impact on the positioning of solar panel designs are modeled.

Universal Formats

Multiple file format outputs are possible to ensure you are able to integrate the deliverables easily.

Solar Panel InspectionInfrared Imagery to Inspect your Solar Installation

We can identify anomalies, whether in a module or a string, or just simply accumulated dirt. We map those out for you at the exact location so the fault can be addressed by your teams on site. A small cost compared to the increase in productivity.


A standardized set of products ready to integrate into your existing workflow.

Infrared Inspection

A report containing an overview of the anomalies in a solar plant.


The area is represented by a photorealistic map. This map is made of rectified photos and synthesized into an accurate high resolution georeferenced image.


Pictures where each pixel represents the temperature of the object to be measured.

How it works

Our global pilot community and central team are ready to help you obtain the drone data for your project

Standardized process

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Sit back and relax

We ensure that all legal requirements are met. We keep you updated with all the critical steps in the process and inform you when the final deliverables are ready.

Download or View your results online

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