Make better decisions with high‑resolution up‑to‑date drone surveys

The right drone pilots. The right survey engineers.
Integrate deliverables into your existing processes.
Obtain a digital twin anywhere in the world through the Inflights platform.

Productive Surveying

The fastest, safest, and cost-effective way to accurately survey large, complex terrains. 100+ hectares in just a few days.

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Engineering-Ready Deliverables

Get detailed, precise information to better plan your project and implement the most accurate construction while minimizing rework.

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Global Pilot Partnerships

Constantly expanding our established large drone pilot network to provide consistent engineering quality of deliverables.

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Drone Mapping Made Easy

Can we fly a drone here?

Knowing what the airspace restrictions are is one of the first questions that come up when preparing a drone mapping project.

The good news is that our experienced Inflights operations crew knows exactly how to obtain all of the needed paperwork. The team will take care of the logistics as part of the delivery. This gets drones up and flying to survey your project in no time. In addition, we provide this information to you up front so you have complete transparency on how airspace restrictions impact timing and cost.

Use the free Inflights Navigator to instantly see air space restrictions and permits needed to fly a drone in the area.

When will I get my survey?

As soon as you accept the quote, our streamlined operations will have a drone in the air within a few days. The actual flight schedule depends on the location of the survey area, weather conditions, and any potential flight regulations.

But don’t worry, the Inflights crew will get the necessary permits and coordinate logistics. Large and complex areas of 100 hectares or more usually only take a few days to map.

The data will take a week or two to compile depending on the complexity of the terrain and your desired deliverables. Once ready, it will be available in your Inflights dashboard.

What do I need to provide?

The Inflights crew does not need a lot of information to get started. Using our Inflights Navigator, just provide the basics including the location that needs to be surveyed, deliverable needed, and approximate date. The airspace regulations page is for your information only. The tool will provide a quote summary that you can save for later or book the flight.

The Inflights crew will validate the airspace restrictions and provide you with a confirmation email for you to accept the quote. Use our Inflights Navigator to get started on a no-obligation quote.

Use cases - how drones improve your profit

Roof measurements

Roof measurements

Large rooftops are surveyed faster and in great detail. Avoid mistakes during installation of solar panels with highly accurate 3D drone measurements and pictures. Using a drone is unbeatable for hard to reach and large roofs.

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Terrain surveying

Large terrains

Measure hard to reach and large terrains faster and lower cost than traditional methods. Drones increase the sampling distance drastically, making it very useful for mapping large earth works and terrains with lots of details.

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Inventory report

Reduce capital tied to your inventory of raw material by using very accurate drone volume measurements. Ad hoc measurements to gather timely inventory counts.

How does it work?

Obtain global drone insights with one click

Obtain word-wide drone measurements through our network of accredited pilots.
Our pilots fly more and spend less time on admin and driving because of our streamlined platform and best practice operating procedures.
Track flight progress and integrate into your existing workflow without any effort.