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It is important for every company to continue to grow.

At Inflights, we help project managers to obtain consistent topographic surveys worldwide. Our services include representing a roof or a terrain in CAD by using advanced sensors that are mounted on drones.

Obtaining the price has never been that easy: With this tool you can obtain a price by just providing the area of interest, either by uploading a KML or by marking it in our Webapp.

While this works perfectly well for ad-hoc projects, our own customers came to us to establish a longer term collaboration. Indeed, when the order volume gets very high, it makes sense to sign a a framework agreement with us.

This solution offers several advantages, guaranteed prices worldwide for a fixed period of time, work delays in accordance with your deadlines, and a scope of work adapted to your demands and your way of working.

Would you like to learn more about our partnerships and join the Premium Partner community? Let's get in touch right away and work together on your future projects.

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Christos Mansinakis from Inflights

Christos Mansinakis