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Consistent, survey grade drone mappings

At Inflights, we have worked with the engineering departments of solar panel installers to develop an Inflights standard of survey grade drone mappings.

We do our utter best to replicate this standard quality throughout all our drone flights across the globe. Using the best practice tools and our internally developed processing algorithms, our survey team delivers the consistent quality.

Find pilots instantly, instead of spending weeks

We understand that project managers work in international and deadline-driven environments. Finding the right supplier to do survey grade mapping is challenging and time consuming, especially when you cross borders.

At Inflights, we have built up a global drone pilot community. Because we know what equipment each pilot has, and because we have pre-agreed prices with them, we are able to give you an instant price quote for your request. Furthermore, our web app checks the regulatory consequences for your specific flight instantly.

Ensure you choose the right technology

Mapping terrains is not what used to be back in the days. A traditional surveyor would measure manually an enormous set of points, and that was it. This of course included a very steep surveying cost for larger terrains.

Now, project managers have many technologies at their disposal, each with a differing benefits and costs. Is a normal photogrammetry drone going to be sufficient if there is vegetation? Or do I need to use LIDAR?

At Inflights, our engineers have experience working with all these technologies to ensure that we deliver the right Digital Terrain Model and the Digital Surface Model at the most cost effective way.

Compatible with PV design and simulation software

Below are a few of the applications that we support through our deliverables.

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Obtain word-wide drone measurements throughout our network of accredited pilots.
Our pilots fly more and spend less time on admin and driving because of our streamlined platform and best practice operating procedures.
Track flight progress and integrate into your existing workflow without any effort.

Access global drone insights with one platform

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