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Use digital twins to manage your Power Grid. Detect clearance issues with nearby vegetation and minimize safety risks.

Power LinesAnalyze Vegetation Encroachment

One of the primary reasons for wildfires are power lines being too close to nearby vegetation. In the dry season, electric sparks can cause touching branches to go up in flames. It is usually very hard to follow up on fast growing vegetation, but you still need to know at all times when and where intervention is needed.

Trees falling on power lines or tree branches encountering power lines are also frequent causes of power outages, especially in combination with strong winds. Tree damage is the second most common cause of power outages.

Another problem is snow and ice build-up. Tree branches become heavy with snow and ice causing them to break and fall onto power lines, damaging the lines in the process.


Our experienced drone pilots can fly over miles of power lines to get the necessary pictures. Through these images, our engineers reconstruct the power lines in 3D as well as the vegetation around them. Advanced algorithms then calculate a collision point cloud that tells us, and you, where the vegetation is growing too close to the power lines.


We provide our clients with a detailed point cloud and a map in CAD format, colored in a way that tells you where intervention is needed, or where it will be shortly needed. With this data, power line managers can decide when and where to send out their maintenance teams.


Keep track of Vegetation close to your power lines

Drones to analyze vegetation encroachment


Reduce the risk of accidents by cutting the vegetation in time

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Collision Point Cloud

An easy to interpret representation in 3D


The area is represented by a photorealistic map. This map is made of rectified photos and synthesized into an accurate high resolution georeferenced image.

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