Measure roofs in 3D with drones

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format_quote With drone data, we avoid making mistakes during the installation. As of now, we use drones for every project. format_quote

Arnout De Hondt

format_quote We can use the drone data’s of inflights into our workflow and directly custom our design process within the model. We gain time and effort! format_quote

Andy Van Endert

format_quote Before a measurement of a roof could take weeks with a surveyor. Now, with inflights, I have my 3D model within 3 days. format_quote

Yves Schots

Obtain drone insights with one click

Obtain word-wide drone measurements throughout our network of accredited pilots.
Our pilots fly more and spend less time on admin and driving because of our streamlined platform and best practice operating procedures.
Track flight progress and integrate into your existing workflow without any effort.


3D Point Cloud

Your area of interest is modelized with a cloud of points, each with the original color of the object. Choose the density of your point cloud to keep control over the size of your fi