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Challenge: Finding a Qualified Drone Pilot

The process of finding and negotiating terms with a drone pilot can easily take a few weeks for every new project or location. This is a major hurdle for most companies to get started with a drone mapping program or turning it into a sustainable operational model.

You can try online freelancer websites, but these require details that you will need to heavily research. Costs can vary by country, drone equipment, pilot credentials or experience, project requirements, location, and many other factors.

There are a few drone networks online, but these mainly specialize in photography. So, they are lacking the necessary skills, experience, software, and equipment for conducting professional 3D Drone Mappings.

Finally, there are some commercial drone networks, but these also work like a freelancer website where drone pilots post bids on your project. The work is still on you to interview and negotiate. This is because the primary business model for these companies is not to sell drone mapping services but rather to sell drones or their subscriptions to their software platform.

Your best option is to search for drone mapping pilots in the surrounding areas and see if they are willing to drive the distance. This takes time and effort.

Solution: Leverage the Inflights Pilot Network

The Inflights Control Tower solves the problem of finding a qualified drone pilot. The Control Tower is a proprietary tool that our operations teams use to match pilots with projects.

The Inflights Drone Pilot Crew consists of a global network of licensed pilots that specialize in conducting 3D Drone Mappings of land surveys and related commercial projects.

The global reach is constantly increasing with the Inflights Operations Crew is actively growing its base of licensed commercial drone pilots.

Benefits: Save Time and Money

Even if you have a project in a location outside our immediate drone pilot network, our dedicated crew will find and onboard the perfect licensed pilot within a few days. Due to our Inflights streamlined onboarding process, we will not charge you for finding a new drone pilot. We’ll take care of fully vetting the pilot, negotiations, and coordinating logistics.

What’s more is that you do not need to wait for the cost of the drone pilot to be finalized. Given our extensive experience working across countries, our quote already factors in local pilot rates.

Click the button below to access our Inflights Navigator. You will get an automated, comprehensive quote so you know how much the entire project will cost up front. It also includes the specific local flight restrictions to provide you with complete transparency. No hidden costs guaranteed.

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