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The number of obstacles on a roof, the contours of a terrain, buildings and trees scattered around all have a profound impact on the design of your project. To help manage your time, scope, and budget, we analyze the drone data for you and compile it into a tailor-made product, easy for our clients to interpret and base decisions upon.

Data insights team

Our Inflights engineers develop the highest quality products from drone data captured by local pilots. We also opted to develop a high-quality data analytics team in house.


A standardized set of products ready to integrate into your existing workflow.

CAD Roof

The linework of synthesizing a roof with its obstacles in a 3D CAD Model.

CAD Drawing

A CAD model (DWG) containing the Digital Terrain Model, the Digital Surface Model and the linework.

Infrared Inspection

A report containing an overview of the anomalies in a solar plant.


A report containing the volumes of stockpiles.

How it works

Our global pilot community and central team are ready to help you obtain the drone data for your project

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We ensure that all legal requirements are met. We keep you updated with all the critical steps in the process and inform you when the final deliverables are ready.

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